Finding the Perfect Apartment for My New Home

When my wife and I divorced, I did not want to stay in the house we had made our home for the last 14 years. The kids were established there with their friends and in their school, and I just knew it would be best for me to be the one to move. I started looking at apartments in Turkey for sale, and I found a website that was a huge help to me. I was able to look not only in the location where I work, but I was also able to customize it by the type of place I was looking for as well as the price I could pay for it.

I knew I wanted a three bedroom apartment because I wanted our two children to each have their own room when they come to stay with me. Just because their mother and I are divorced does not mean I am taking a backseat in their lives. I am going to be just as involved as ever, and the kids will simply have two places they can call home. The apartment that caught my eye was perfect for so many reasons.

First off, it has three bedrooms and two bathrooms. It might seem lonely when they are not there, but it is going to be a home no matter what. There are also different play areas for the kids outside, as well as a swimming pool. That is something they are both looking forward to since the other home does not have one. There is also a fitness center, which is my favorite part because I want to be able to work out as often as I want and when I want. This is a hard transition, but finding the perfect apartment does make it easier to handle for all of us.