Visiting My Uncle’s Home in Turkey Was a Big Surprise

There are pretty places all over the world. I enjoy urban areas around the world where the planners do their best to build and develop areas that look beautiful and are clean. I have been to cities that are really dirty and falling apart, and I have been to grand cities that are quite amazing in the development of their infrastructure. I have family who live in Istanbul apartments in giant buildings that are incredible to see. Here, we think of apartments as places you rent under a monthly leasing fee. Over there you buy your apartment like you would a condo. These are not your average places to live either. The buildings are new, and the apartments go for upwards of $100 thousand to about a quarter million dollars in cost. It really is luxury living.

My uncle has a three bedroom place in Istanbul on the top floor of a skyscraper. I have stayed with him for a few days before, and his place is really nice. The common areas let you relax and enjoy your time to yourself, and you can have parties and other get-togethers too. His building has a pool in the shape of a big doughnut. These pools are neat as you can ride a current and go in circles around a central island that has a gazebo and lawn areas where you can relax and catch some sun. It is a really neat concept. If I had a pool at home, I would really like one like that. It is neat to be on the island in the center as it gives you a feeling of being separate from the urban world around you even if other people are there enjoying the sunshine too. A lot of thought and planning have went into the design of these structures.